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Case Study: How 20 Days of Social Media Helped Endeavor Design Win $25,000

The Challenge:

In 20 days, create as much awareness as possible and generate votes for Endeavor in the BDC’s Young Entrepreneur Award competition.

Do so from a virtual standstill starting point with no time to prepare a campaign prior to the beginning of the voting process.


The Results:

·      Elevated from 6th to 2nd place in the competition to claim $25,000 prize

·      Engaged with snowboard fans across the globe, from Japan to Australia to Europe and throughout North America

·      Gained support from brands such as Red Bull, ESPN, Snowboarder Magazine, and more

·      Reached over 100,000 new people on Facebook; increased Facebook Page Likes by 17%

·      Increased Klout score from 45 to 67


How We Did It:

·      Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

·      Direct outreach helped engage influencers on Twitter

engagement from Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit

  Twitter engagement from Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit

·      Unique and compelling visual content shared on Instagram and Facebook with the call-to-action to vote

·      Boosted certain Facebook posts to maximize exposure to friends of fans

   Example post from Facebook that reached more than 50,000 people

Example post from Facebook that reached more than 50,000 people

·      Ran our own contest encouraging people to vote and retweet or regram for a chance to win a custom snowboard

·      Leveraged brand partners to promote us

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  Red Bull helped spread the word about our promotion to drive votes  


Red Bull helped spread the word about our promotion to drive votes  

The Full Story:

Endeavor Design, a Vancouver-based snowboard and apparel company, was chosen as one of nine finalists to compete in a nationwide Young Entrepreneur Award sponsored by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).  The nine finalists were pitted head-to-head in a voting competition where the public vote would determine the winner of a $100,000 first prize and $25,000 second prize. Voting took place for 20 days between May 22 and June 11, 2013.


I was introduced to Endeavor’s founder, Max Jenke, on the day the competition got underway so we did not have the luxury of time in developing our social media strategy. But having spent the prior four years helping clients at Strutta with their social media marketing campaigns and lots of promotions that involved voting contests, I knew that I could help Endeavor.


I worked closely with Max to execute a three-pronged social media strategy that targeted: (1) the global snowboarding community; (2) the Vancouver community at large; and (3) influencers who would support entrepreneurship. Traditional media relations was handled by Cross Border Communications, and they did a great job of securing local print, radio and television coverage.  Social media amplified these efforts and allowed us to reach beyond what local media provided.


Because the voting for the BDC award lasted 20 days we were concerned about fatigue from fans. Consistently reminding people to vote was important, but in different ways so the message stayed fresh. Each day a new visual was posted to Facebook and Instagram. In addition a number of humorous video clips were created and shared. Content played a key role in the strategy.


We knew there was an audience of snowboard enthusiasts who would vote to support snowboarding and a group of British Columbians who would vote to support the BC entry in a competition against Canada’s other provinces. However, to motivate a broader sharing of our message we used the idea of a contest within a contest, or “contest inception” as I like to call it. The contest offered daily prizes (e.g., t-shirt) and a grand prize of a custom Endeavor snowboard. We were also able to tie in some key marketing partners to promote the snowboard giveaway, which helped amplify our reach. With the launch of our contest we saw an almost immediate jump in our ranking in the BDC competition.


When we began implementing the social strategy Endeavor sat in 6th place. Within a matter of days we had risen to 2nd place and for the duration of the competition we remained in a neck-and-neck battle with one other finalist. Endeavor moved in to 1st place with only three days remaining and ultimately finished in 2nd place, earning a $25,000 prize. Beyond the prize, the results of the social media outreach were profound in terms of raising the profile of the company and connecting with many new brand advocates and potential customers.